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Our Environmental Pledge

Oli’s Trolley, a family run company has operated in Acadia National Park for 27 years. We strive to reduce our environmental impact in a number of ways. Our priorities include educating our tour guests, increasing operating efficiency and reducing our waste stream.

    • Oli’s Trolley educates tour guests in Leave No Trace principles and the fragility of Acadia National Park’s flora and fauna.
    • We employ the latest paperless technologies in tour ticketing and personnel management to eliminate waste.
    • We have installed energy efficient products throughout our operation as they become available.
    • Through the use of modern real time GPS tracking and management, Oli’s Trolley has improved guest experience, tour scheduling and vehicle maintenance. all with the goal of the smallest environmental impact possible.
    • Oli’s Trolley fully participates in Bar Harbor’s waste stream management employing  Fiberight’s  innovative technologies which aims to make changes towards reversing global environmental practices through boosting the recovery of raw materials and commodities.

We ask all of our guests and employees to share Oli’s Trolley’s commitment to environmental stewardship locally, nationally and worldwide.